Inbound Domains

When you're almost ready to go live, you can add your inbound domain to WebRender so we can route the incoming requests from your domain to your deployment.

You can find it in the Configure tab on your deployment.


Verify your domain via TXT

Type in the domain you'd like to add, and you should see this screen. Hit Start Verification once you've added the TXT record.


WebRender is expecting the TXT record in the root (@) of your domain


Your entry should look somewhat like this:


Head back to WebRender and hit the "Start verification". You should see it become verified instantly per below:


Adding the CNAME entry

Now that you've verified your domain, WebRender can route traffic internally to your site.

Simply add a CNAME record of your root domain to WebRender, and you're ready to go!



Note: You can add multiple domains, in addition to adding subdomains, and route them to rout deployment just fine. Multiple TXT root records are also supported

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