Edge Cache API


Double check the user agents whitelisted for every deployment, since you may not need all of them, or you might want to add some

Every deployment can also be used as a Edge Cache API. You can simply forward requests to us when you detect a bot in a user agent.

This is the recommended way to deploy.

Seeing a WRCacheHit header with a value of 1 indicates the cache was hit - but you can safely forward any requests since we will simply fetch origin if it's not in the cache. If it's from a crawler that doesn't support JS we'll pre-render it, if the the client does support JS it'll be rendered on the fly.

Example Deployments

CloudflareExampleDeploy via workers on the edge
ApacheExampleUse mod_rewrite to proxy certain user agents to webrender
NGINXExampleDeploy by forwarding select user agents in your nginx config

Know any more? Post them to our Tutorials and we'll update the docs and this table.