Caching & Cache TTL


We don't expose your backend IP when we fetch files from origin. Check the response to make sure you don't reference it somewhere.

All your cache settings are available in your Configuration tab on the dashboard


Soft Cache Reset

A soft cache reset is generally what you'll want to use after you did a big update. It'll continue serving up cached versions on the edge, instead of causing slow pre-renders (for crawlers that do not support JS) or pass-through to origin (for crawlers that do support JS). It'll place the url on the queue to be re-cached. This can take a while to complete.

Hard Cache Reset

A hard reset will invalidate the cache and cause any new requests that are not yet cached to be fetched from origin, or in the case of crawlers which don't support JS, to be pre-rendered on the fly. This could cause short term SEO impact and should be avoided unless necesary.

Cache TTL

The cache TTL is the period after which we automatically trigger a soft cache reset on a path. This will save you the trouble of ever having to hit that button yourself...

The default value is 30. You can update it to whatever amount in days you want it in. The minimum is 1 day, but we strongly recommend against using any value under 7.

"origin": "",
"cacheTtl": 7,
"renderSettings": [
"path": "/*",
"unfurlDelay": 1500,
"preRenderDelay": 3000